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600W 660mm Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle

Product code: RH600HT

  • 180° rotating rear handle rotates 90° & 45° to the lef t and right
  • Large 660mm double action blade system
  • Large transparent front guard

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  • Powerful 600W motor for high performance hedge trimming
  • 180° rotating rear handle rotates 90° & 45° to the lef t and right for greater comfort and reduced user fatigue
  • Large 660mm double action blade system supplies a highly efficient cutting action for faster and smoother completion of the job
  • Large transparent front guard allows visibility of work in progress while protecting the user from flying debris
  • Two -handed safety switch with mechanical brake stops the blade in less than 0.5 seconds for added safety

Technical Specifications


  • Voltage: 230-240Vac ~ 50Hz
  • Power Rating 600W
  • No Load Speed: 1600 RPM
  • Blade Length: 660mm
  • Tooth Spacing: 32mm
  • Max. Cutting Capacity: 20mm
  • Insulation class: Double insulated
  • Tool Weight: 4.3 kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196016021 / 900033466



- Instruction Manual RH600HT


Whats in the box


  • Blade Cover


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What is this electric hedge trimmer used for?

This trimmer can be used for trimming a wide range of hedges, shrubs, bushes and greenlife . Use the tool and accessories only for the applications intended. When not in use the hedge trimmer can be hung on the wall with a suitable screw and dowel.

Is the trimmer ready to use?

No,  the guard needs to be fitted to the unit.  Push the guard into its location at the front of the housing.  Using a posidrive screwdriver (not supplied) screw the screws into the holes already on the unit.  This process should take less than 5 minutes. Note: The hedge trimmer must not be operated without the guard fitted.

How do I use the cable extension support?

Locate the rectangular slot in the lower part of the rear handle and the position of the cable safety clip. Form a loop in the extension cord (not supplied) and insert the loop through the rectangular slot. Twist the loop through 180° and hook the loop over the moulded hook, pull tight to secure the cable.

How do I use the rotating rear handle?

This hedge trimmer is fitted with a rear rotating handle. It can be turned 45 deg and 90 deg to the left and 45 deg and 90 deg to the right.  It has fixed positions and the lock button will locate and lock the handle in each position. To rotate the handle pull the switch backwards and rotate to the position required and the switch will slide back into position. When trimming the top of a bush or hedge, the handle is best positioned vertically.  When trimming branches or the sides of a bush or hedge, the handle is best positioned horizontally.

What is the maximum branch width I can cut with this trimmer?

The maximum branch width that can be cut with this trimmer is 20mm

How do I use the hedge trimmer for cutting?

Assume a secure position, using two hands to hold the trimmer and switch on. Trim both sides of the hedge, starting at the bottom.  Pass the blade lightly through the surface of the hedge. Do not attempt to cut too deep.  Trim the top of the hedge.   For older hedges that require cutting back substantially, use pruning shears to cut the thicker branches and then finish the job with the hedge trimmer.

Can I use the hedge trimmer for shaping?

Yes,  this trimmer allows you to trim a hedge so that it is wider at the bottom than the top.  This improves light penetration and promotes healthy growth.  Narrow the hedge approximately 100mm for every metre in height.  A bush can be round or column shaped.

Can I use the hedge trimmer for pruning?

Yes, this hedge trimmer is versatile. It can also be used for trimming back new growth from small shrubs onto the driveway or into the garden. For optimum trimming performance, guide the blade teeth at an angle of approx. 15° to the hedge. To achieve a hedge with a uniform height it is recommended that you stretch a piece of string along the edge of the hedge for guidance. Then simply cut away all twigs projecting above the line.

Will my blades need sharpening?

Yes, if the blades look blunt clean them up with a file or angle grinder to restore  a clean cutting edge. Before undertaking make sure you wear gloves  and protective glasses and  clamp the blade onto the work bench before commencing .

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the electric hedge trimmer for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your electric hedge trimmer:

After each use, clean the blades and lightly lubricate with general purpose oil or spray lubricant (not included).

1. Remove any deposits with a brush and apply a light film of oil.

2. Use biodegradable oil.

3. All damaged and worn parts should be replaced in order to maintain the hedge trimmer in a safe working condition.

4. Keep the tool’s air vents unclogged and clean at all times. Remove dust and dirt regularly. Cleaning is best done with compressed air or a rag. Never use caustic agents to clean plastic parts.

Note: Do not use cleaning agents to clean the plastic parts of the tool. A mild detergent on a damp cloth is recommended. Water must never come into contact with the tool.

Special care should be taken when cleaning and adjusting the blades..

Maintaining the blades:

1. Periodically check blades for sharpness or damage.

2. Oil the blades after each use using a general spray lubricant.

3. If there is significant blade damage, have them replaced.


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