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18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Sweeper Blower

Product code: BL18L

  • Convenient 18V cordless operation
  • Lithium-Ion battery cells
  • Blower speed up to 180 km/h

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  • Convenient 18V cordless operation for extra power without the restraint of a power cord
  • Lithium-Ion battery cells providing light weight and reliable output power
  • Blower speed up to 180 km/h for controlled direction of debris
  • Lightweight balanced design for greater comfort when used over prolonged periods
  • Sufficient output force to move most debris
Lithium-Ion batteries feature high voltage, high energy density and low self-discharge. They are lightweight and compact and have high energy efficiency. Lithium-Ion batteries achieve rapid charging and a long life cycle through the combination of the Lithium-Ion battery technology and battery recharging components. Our charging components arrange the charging process according to the condition of each battery.

Technical Specifications


  • Battery Voltage:18V
  • Charger: 230 – 240 Vac
  • Charging Time: 3 – 5 Hour s
  • No Load Speed: 13000 RPM
  • Blow Speed: 180 km/h
  • Weight: 1.95 kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196015857/900033449


- Instruction Manual BL18L


Whats in the box


  • 1 x 18V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger


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What is this cordless sweeper/blower used for?

This blower is used to move dry leaves, cuttings or general garden debris into piles for disposal or for cleaning  footpaths and verandahs of light dirt and  debris materials.

Is the blower ready to use?

No, the blower tube must be fitted to the unit.  Additionally, the batteries are shipped in a low charged condition and need to be fully charged before Use. Using the 3 – 5 hour charger the battery will be fully charged in this period of time and then ready for use.

Some tips for using the blower:

Hold the blower firmly and rotate from side to side, holding the tube several inches above the ground. Slowly move forward directing the debris to the desired location.

How do I obtain the best life for the battery?

For battery storage and when the blower is not being used, it is advised to charge the battery to approximately half

charge. Leaving the battery in the fully charged condition can shorten the cell life.

Short charging is acceptable with these cells.

Prevent constant overloading of the blower.

Avoid allowing lose items like screws or nails etc. to be stored with battery packs as these or similar items can

short battery packs and cause a fire or explosion.

Always unplug the charger when not in use and store in a dry secure place.

How long is the battery run time?

The battery runtime for this line trimmer is approx 7 minutes

Can I purchase replacement batteries for this blower vac?

Yes, LT18-BAR: Replacement 18V Lithium-Ion 1.5Ah Batteries are available for purchase at Masters Home Improvement Centres.

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the  cordless sweeper/blower for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your cordless sweeper/blower:

1. Prior to cleaning or any maintenance, always ensure the battery pack has been removed from the tool.

2. When you have finished using the blower, always check to make sure the product is clean and free of dirt and debris.

3. Do not use solvents to clean the blower.

4. Store the blower in a dry place, and out of reach of children


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