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Hand Mower with Catcher

Product code: GT5601

  • 146mm 5-blade reel with ball bearings
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • 350mm (14") Cutting width

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  • 146mm 5-blade reel with ball bearings for smooth running
  • Adjustable cutting height to meet various cutting conditions
  • 350mm (14") Cutting width: the optimum size for efficiency of cutting and manoeuvrability
  • 45mm Synthetic roller for an extended service life
  • Sturdy catcher for easy collection and removal of grass clippings
  • 217mm Wheels with tread tires for non-slip operation
  • Lightweight for ease of use

Technical Specifications


  • Cutting Width: 350mm
  • Height Adjustment: 15–32mm
  • Blade Reels: 5 x 146mm
  • Wheel diameter: 15-32mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196016120/900033476


- Instruction Manual GT5601


Whats in the box


  • Lower Handle
  • Middle Handle
  • Upper Handle
  • Grass Catcher


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Is the product ready to use?

No, It is necessary to fit the lower, middle and upper handles before using your hand mower.  This should take approx 5 minutes.

What sort of lawn is this hand mower suitable for?

This hand mower is suitable for small , smooth lawns especially those in apartments/townhouses etc where lawn space is minimum as well as storage space. We do not recommended it is used on rough lawns.  This product is also suitable for elderly and frail persons who do not wish to operate and handle petrol driven lawn mowers.

How do I change the mowing height?

The mowing height can be adjusted by changing the height of the roller. First place the mower on level ground and release the nuts located on both sides of the roller . Then adjust and set the required mowing height by tightening the nuts well.

Note. The roller should always be horizontal. High grass should first be mowed at the highest mowing height and then gradually decrease the hand mower height to the preferred level.

How do I adjust the lower blade?

The lower blade is preset so that it touches the rotating cylinder blades. Check that this setting is correct along the length of the lower blade. To adjust, first release the nuts  and then turn the adjusting nut  to the same angle. Turning clockwise reduces the distance between the lower blade and the cylinder. Securely tighten the nuts  when the adjustment has been made. This is all detailed in the instruction manual.

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the hand mower for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your hand mower:

1. Check that all nuts and bolts are tightened so that the machine is in a safe operating condition. To ensure safe operation, replace any worn or damaged parts.

2. Clean the mower carefully and lubricate the cutting edges of the blades with oil.

3. Store the hand mower indoors in a dry area where children cannot gain access to it.


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