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85W Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Product code: CSS25

  • 108mm grinding wheel
  • Bench mountable
  • Cam lever chain clamp

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  • Efficient 85W motor with 4800 RPM for no-fuss sharpening power
  • 108mm grinding wheel to suit a variet y of different chains and configurations
  • Bench mountable for greater stability and safer operation
  • Cam lever chain clamp holds the chain steady for greater accuracy
  • Compact design provides a quality tool that delivers precision results in a very small space
  • Easy-to-use and accurate angle adjustment from 0° to 35° left and right to suit a variety of different chains
  • Includes 100 grit grinding wheel

Technical Specifications


  • Voltage : 230–240V~50Hz
  • Power Rating : 85W
  • Speed: 4800 RPM
  • Table / Vice Angle: 0° to 35° Left and Right
  • Bore Diameter : 23mm
  • Wheel Dimensions: 108mm Dia, 3.2mm Thick
  • Weight: 2.4kgs
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196015956/900033459


- Instruction Manual CSS25


Whats in the box


  • 100 grit grinding wheel (fitted)


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What is this  chainsaw sharpener used for?

This chain sharpener is designed for light to moderate duty applications in a home environment. It is not intended for use by trade persons. The chain sharpener is intended to sharpen chain saw chains only.  If multiple chains are to be sharpened, it is suggested the sharpener be turned off at the completion of each chain for a period equal to that of sharpening a chain

Do I need a chainsaw sharpener?

With the average cost of  $25-30 for chain sharpening at a mower shop, this chainsaw sharpener will pay for itsself in 3 sharpens.

Is the product ready to use?

No,  first you need to slide the bolt of the table through the hole in the base and fit the angle locking knob on by turning in a clockwise direction by hand. For correct and safe operation of the CSS25, the assembly MUST be mounted to a solid, flat and stable surface (eg. a workbench).  This assembly should take approx 5 minutes

Is this sharpener a dry or wetstone type sharpener?

This sharpener is a dry sharpener as no coolant/water is required.

Can the sharpener sharpen anything other than chainsaw chains?

No, it is specifically designed for 3/8” chainsaw chains.

How do I prepare the unit to sharpen a chain?

As mentioned above when making adjustments the chainsaw sharpener should be firmly mounted to a secure surface. Prior to use, the chainsaw sharpener needs a number of adjustments to be made to suit the chain to be sharpened. This includes:

(A) Adjusting the angle of cut

(B) Adjusting the chain (tooth) stop

(C) Adjusting the depth of cut

Note: Always unplug the unit before changing the grinding wheel, or when making any adjustment to the sharpener.

Can I run this unit from my portable Generator?

Yes, this sharpener can be powered by your portable generator

Does the chainsaw sharpener sharpen both sets of teeth?

The sharpening process consists of two operations. These are, setting to the left, and then setting to the right. It is suggested to sharpen all of the teeth on the chain with one hand, and then all of the teeth on the opposite hand

Can I replace the grinding wheel?

Yes. Make sure that the replacement wheel is rated at 4800 RPM or higher, then follow the directions in the instruction manual.

How can I extend the life of my chain?

Extend the life of your chain by keeping it sharp and avoid making contact to the ground during chainsaw use as this will dull the teeth of the chain almost immediately.

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the chainsaw sharpener for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your chainsaw sharpener:

1. Keep the Sharpener clean and free of dust, metal debris and dirt.

2. Check the grinding wheel before each use to make sure it isn’t damaged. Do not use a grinding wheel if it is chipped, cracked, or worn. You can check if the wheel has cracks not visible to the human eye by hanging it up by the central hole and tapping it with a non metal object (ie. screwdriver handle). If it is in good condition it will produce a metallic sound. A dull sound indicates a crack or break.

3. Replace the grinding wheel when it grinds down to a diameter of 3 inches.


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