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26cc Full Crank Engine Petrol Blower

Product code: PB26

  • Powerful 26cc 2-stroke engine
  • Variable speed up to 250 km/h velocity
  • Trigger throttle control

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  • Powerful 26cc 2 -stroke engine provides enough power to handle all domestic blowing applications
  • Variable speed up to 250 km/h velocity provides enough power to move even difficult material like damp leaves
  • Trigger throttle control providing safe and full variable speed
  • Easy recoil starter for fast and efficient starting
  • Compact and lightweight construction


Technical Specifications


  • Engine: 26cc, 2 Stroke
  • Max. Air Velocity : 250 km/h
  • Max. Air Volume: 11m 3/min
  • Max. Engine Speed: 9000 RPM
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 500 ml
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol
  • Fuel Mixture: Unleaded Petrol/Oil (4 0 :1 )
  • Weight: 4 .7 kgs
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196015888/900033452




- Instruction Manual PB26

Whats in the box


  • Blow Tube (two parts)
  • Spark Plug Wrench


Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
GLENN COULTHARD - Monday, 02 September 2013

My kids bought me one for fathers day ,well i cant believe how well it goes it is fantastic , best value for money i have experienced for years

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SERVICE ADVICE: Replacing the cable - click here for download


What is this petrol blower used for?

This petrol blower can efficiently move a wide variety of debris ranging from grass clippings to gravel. As a general rule try to operate the blower at the lowest throttle setting necessary to get the job done.

Is the blower ready to use?

No, blower tube installation must be undertaken which will take less than 5 minutes.

How do I use the blower?

After starting the blower engine, hold the blower firmly about 10–20 cm from the ground and move it in a sweeping motion from left to right, directing the debris to the desired location.

• Use low throttle settings when clearing lightweight materials from around lawns or shrubbery.

• Use medium to higher throttle settings to move lightweight grass or leaves from driveways or paths.

• Use full throttle when moving heavy loads such as dirt or snow

Can I replace the spark plugs?

Yes, replace any damaged or visibly worn plug with a Champion RCJ6Y, NGK BPM6A or equivalent spark plug and follow the directions in the instruction manual

How do I adjust the engine idle speed?

If your blower is delivering poor performance or running roughly then you may need to adjust the engine idle speed.  Follow these steps:

1. Start the blower engine.

2. Run the engine at idle speed until operating temperature is reached: approximately 2–3 minutes.

3. Use a screwdriver to adjust the engine idle speed.

4. Turn the idle screw clockwise to increase engine idle speed.

5. Turn the idle screw counter-clockwise to decrease engine idle speed.

Note:. Blower tubes and intake cover must be installed while adjusting engine idle speed. Engine idle speed will also be affected if either the intake cover or blower tubes are blocked, damaged or incorrectly installed

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the petrol blower for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your petrol blower:

1. Check the spark plug every 10–15 hours of use.

2. The air filter should be checked approximately every 10 hours of use, or more frequently in dusty areas.

3. It is recommended once you first use your petrol blower have it serviced after 15 hours of use. Thereafter, service the petrol blower every 2 years.

4. When you finish working, clean the petrol blower completely.

5.  Inspect the entire blower and tubes for damage, including loose or missing components, and repair anything necessary.

6. Store the petrol blower away from direct sunlight.

7. Do not store in a nylon bag as this can encourage the formation of mould.

8.  Use a small brush to clean off the outside of the unit and keep the air vents free from obstructions. Do not use water or a hose to clean the unit.

9. Whenever the machine is not used for a long period of time, proceed as follows: give the petrol blower an overall cleaning and a thorough check, and empty the fuel tank completely, then clean the carburettor and lines by running the blower until it stops from lack of fuel.

10. Protect all metal engine parts from corrosion by coating them with oil.


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