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3800W Key Start AVR USB 12V Petrol Generator

Product code: G3800KU

  • Key start starting system
  • USB power socket
  • AVR managed output provides a stable 240V AC output
  • 12V appliance socket for various 12V appliances



  • Key start starting system for easy and reliable starting
  • USB* power socket for charging batteries, MP3 players, phones, toys, lights etc
  • AVR managed output provides a stable 240V AC output, for use with: lighting, home appliances, pumps and small jobsite and construction tools. (Not recommended for sensitive electronic equipment)
  • 12V appliance socket for various 12V appliances: camping fridges, spotlights & compressors
  • Battery charging versatility to charge various 12V batteries, camping fridges, spotlights & compressors
  • Large 25 litre fuel tank
  • Managed output
  • Overload protected
909’s 4-stroke engines features high fuel efficiency and clean exhaust emission. They are also as small and powerful as a 2-stroke engine.

* USB adaptor not included

Note: Wheel kit WHS suits this unit

Technical Specifications


  • AC output: 240Vac ~ 50Hz
  • Rated power: 3200W
  • Peak power: 3800W
  • Phase: Single
  • Power factor: coso| =1
  • Displacement: 270cc
  • DC output: 12V – 14.2V, Appliance output & battery charge output. Max 5 A
  • USB output: 5V, Max 1 Amp
  • Motor: 9HP, 4 stroke
  • No load speed:  3000 RPM
  • Fuel tank capacity:  25L
  • Fuel type: Unleaded
  • Oil type: 4 Stroke
  • Noise level Rating: 75 dB(A)
  • Weight: 67kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196013129/900001140


- Instruction Manual G3800KU

Whats in the box


  • DC Battery Charging Cables
  • Spark Plug Tube Spanner and Bar
  • 12V Battery for Electric Start


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WHS - Wheel and Handle Set is compatible with this Generator.


What fuel should I use for this generator?

Unleaded petrol Note: Ensure the engine is fully filled with 4 stroke  oil. When leaving the factory, this generator has NO OIL in the engine.

What can I use this generator for?

These generators have been equipped with AVR technology which provides automatic voltage regulated power for a continuous uninterrupted stable power supply.  The AVR maintains a regulated AC output and reacts substantially quicker to rapid surges in voltage, therefore, reducing the possibility of damage to the generator and attached equipment. However, it is strongly suggested to use a surge protector on the output of the generator.  This generator should never be used for electronic equipment like televisions, computers or similar type appliances. This also includes caravans which are fitted with inverter electronics. This generator can be used for pumps up to 1800W, large refrigerators up to 1500W ,Power tools up to 2400W, Heaters up to 3200W, small welders and House hold NON electronic appliances up to 3200W: kettles, toasters, frypan, cookers, ovens.

What can I use the 12V DC 2 pin Battery Charging outlet for ?

The battery charging outlet is suitable to charge most size 12 Volt lead acid type car batteries.

What can I use the 12V appliance outlet for (cigarette type lighter)?

The appliance outlet will provide power to run most appliances which plug directly into the car cigarette socket up to a current rating of 5A. This includes spot lights up to around 55W, small car type air compressors, small type blowers and some small refrigerators etc.

What can I use the USB power outlet for?

This is suitable for charging mobile phones, small battery chargers, MP3 players , etc.

Can the DC appliance outlet or USB be used without the generator being operated?

Yes, the 12 volt appliance outlet and or the USB outlet can be used if a charged 12V car battery is connected to the charging socket .

What  if I loose my key?

In the event that you misplace or loose your key, simply contact the 909 Customer Service Department and we will replace the key for you.

What sort of maintenance does this generator require?

This unit requires pre-operation, initial, and periodic maintenance – refer to the instruction manual.

What spark plugs can be used to replace the current one in the unit?

Any of the following can be used for this generator:  BPR6ES (NGK) RN11YC (Champion) WR6DC (Bosch).

Where should I store my generator?

If you are going to store your generator for more than 30 days make sure you never store it with with fuel in the tank, it is kept indoors, and NOT in a poorly ventilated area where fumes can reach an open flame, spark or pilot light as on a furnace, water heater, clothes dryer or other gas appliances.  Also make sure when storing the generator, it has fully cooled.


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