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375W 2.8CF 80L Home Site Cement Mixer

Product code: CMX009

The electric cement mixer is used to mix batches of concrete or mortar and is designed for use in the home type environment.  The mixer will also allow you to mix feeds, fertilizers, potting soils and much more.

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  • Powerful 375W motor for powerful mixing action of cement Large drum capacity, the 80 Litre (2.8cf) capacity offers large mixing volume saving time and effort
  • Easily maneuverable, simply roll the cement mixer to your home site
  • Versatile in its applications, can be used to mix feeds, fertilizers, potting soils and much more
  • Solid construction increases durability and improves the life of the mixer
  • Large pneumatic tyres for smooth transportation and manoeuvring

Technical Specifications


  • Voltage: 240Vac 50 Hz
  • Power Rating: 375W
  • Net Drum Volume: 3cf
  • Gross Drum Volume: 2.8cf (80L)
  • Wet Mix Load: 1.5cf 45L
  • Dry Mix Load: 2cf 55 L
  • Drum Speed: 28-30 RPM
  • Weight: 58Kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196013204/900001148


- Instruction Manual CMX009

All components to fully assemble the mixer ready for use.

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What can I use this cement mixer for?

This cement mixer is used to mix batches of concrete or mortar as well as feeds, fertilizers, potting soils and much more

How should I load the cement mixer?

Keep in mind the following directions when loading your cement mixer:

1. Ensure the Cement Drum  is in the upwards / Mix position and the mixer is on a stable and relatively level ground surface.

2. Move your hands, and bystanders well away from all moving parts before pressing the ‘ON’ button  to start the cement mixer.

3. Load the drum with the suggested mixture as stated on the bag of cement for the job being performed.

4. Ensure when loading the drum the shovel or method of loading DOES NOT enter the mouth of the turning drum.

5. Do not ever place your hand inside the rotating drum or never use a poker to free ‘clogged’ mixture inside a rotating drum. Always turn off the mixer to clear any unmixed or ‘clogged’ mixture in the drum.

6. Do not over load the mixer.

How should I unload the cement mixer?

Keep in mind the following directions when unloading your cement mixer:

1. The operator should stand on the Right hand side of the Drum ( when facing the mouth of the drum) so as to pull the levers towards the operator to ensure full control. Do Not attempt to lift and push the levers away from the opposite side.

2.Turn the Cement Drum in the downwards position by taking hold of the near side tilting handle and with a pulling action start rolling the drum towards the empty position. As the second handle becomes in reach, hold both handles firmly to continue the roll of the drum to the empty position. For example to the right side (facing the inside of the drum).  Note. Do Not lean across the mixer to grasp both tilting handles. Use the first tilting handle closest to you to start the roll and then as soon as the second handle is in reach, use both handles to support the load and continue the roll.

3. When the drum is in the downwards position, simply hose the cement out with a high pressured garden hose.

4. Ensure to turn off the mixer when not attended. Do not leave the mixer running when unattended.

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the cement mixer for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your cement mixer:

1. Clean the cement mixer after every use. Refer to instruction manual for full details.

2. Remove dust and dirt regularly. Cleaning is best done with a rag or a soft brush. Wear safety glasses whilst brushing away dust and dirt.

3. Lubricate the tilting shaft via the grease nipple in the Mounting Cover and apply grease to the gear of the V-Shaped Bracket prior to the first operation and then at regular intervals.

4. Regularly check that all the fixing screws are tight. They may vibrate loose over time.

5. Ensure tyres are inflated equally.

6. Inspect the cordset and plug for any signs of damage and have any repairs performed before use by an authorized Service Centre.

7. Ensure to inspect any extension cables for damage before use with this appliance.


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