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2000W 254mm (10") Single Bevel Laser Guided

Product code: 909MSC

  • Powerful 2000W motor
  • Double bar slide system
  • Mitre cuts 0° to 52° left and right
  • Bevel cuts from 0° to 45°to the left
  • Strong, robust alloy construction

  • Folding legs with snap pin setup for quick and easy assembly
  • Suits Mitre Saws up to 12” (305mm), as well as use with other Benchtop products
  • Dual Work piece supports for increased support capacity
  • Quick Attach Machine Mounts for easy attachment and removal of your Mitre Saw from the stand
  • Great portability and lightweight for easy transport and manoeuvrability
  • Fold up convenience for easy storage
  • Powerful 2000W motor to handle  tough timbers
  • Double bar slide system for  fast and convenient extended cutting capacity and greater  accuracy
  • Mitre cuts 0° to 52° left and right allows a full range of mitre cuts
  • Bevel cuts from 0° to 45°to the left for improved productivity, increased accuracy and greater convenience
  • Strong, robust alloy construction for greater strength
  • Spindle lock allows easy, one wrench blade changes

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 230–240V ~ 50 Hz
  • Input current: 2000W
  • No -load speed: 5500 RPM
  • Blade size: Ø 254 mm (10") x Ø 16 mm (5/8") bore
  • Number of teeth: 24
  • Mitre table angles: 0° to 52° left & right
  • Bevel cuts: 0° to 45° left
  • Straight cuts 0° x 0°: 81.5 mm (3¼") × 295 mm (115/8")
  • Mitre cuts: 45°(L&R) x 0°: 81.5 mm (3¼") × 205 mm (81/16")
  • Bevel cuts: 0° x 45°(L): 43 mm (15/8") × 295 mm (115/8")
  • Compound mitre cuts:
  • 45°(L) x 45°(L): 43 mm (15/8") × 205 mm (81/16")
  • Net Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Work Stand:
  • Reach: 2065mm over material support capacity
  • Dimensions: 745mm x 222mm
  • Stand Height (with mounts): 690mm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity : 227kg
  • Net weight: 10.2kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196020455/100805551

- Manual 909MSC


What's in the box:

  • Quick Attach Machine Mounts x 2
  • Outrigger Supports x 2
  • Work piece Supports x 2
  • Off Set Mounts x 2
  • M8 Locking Knobs x 4
  • 8mm x 20 Bolts / Washer & nuts x 2
  • 8mm x 45 Bolts / Washers & nuts x 4
  • Saw Blade 24TCT (fitted)
  • Workpiece Clamp
  • 6 mm Hex Key
  • Side Bars x 2
  • Dust Bag

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Is there any assembly involved?

Yes. Assembly and set up of the stand is required before use with your mitre Saw.

For safe set up of the stand ensure these are followed:

1. Use caution when folding or unfolding legs to limit any finger pinch points.

2. Place stand on flat and level surface to keep tool from rocking or tipping.

3. Make certain that work support extensions are within safe operating limits, and are properly locked in place before using tool. Do not exceed 227kgs. on main frame table.

4. Test the setup for stability before proceeding with work.

5. Be sure the Mitre saw is tightened securely at all mountings before use

What are the Out Rigger and work supports for?

The out rigger and work supports assist in supporting your work piece during operation. They can be extended to a length of 2000m to support your workpiece. Ensure locking knobs are secure when using the supports. Refer to instruction manual for full details on using these supports.

What are the quick machine mounts for?

The quick attach machine mounts are for securing your mitre saw to the stand during use. The quick machine mounts are used by being bolted to the base plate of the mitre saw. This ensures stable and safe use of your mitre saw while securely attached to the stand frame. They are designed to be able to be quickly fitted and quickly removed.

What are the off set brackets used for?

The off set brackets enable placement of mitre saws or other benchtop products that do not fit the dimensions of the machine mounts. Refer to the instruction manual for instructions on how to mount other mitre saws or benchtop tools using the off set brackets.


What cuts can I make on this saw?

The following cuts can be made using this saw: Cross cut, Bevel cut, and compound Mitre Cut. Check the instruction manual for the variation of degree of these cuts.

What is a Cross cut?

A crosscut is made by cutting across the grain of the workpiece. A 90° crosscut is made with the mitre table set at 0°. Mitre crosscuts are made with the table set at some angle other than zero

What is a Cross-cut (with slide action)? Same as above, however, it incorporates using the slide action to cut wider workpieces .

What is a Bevel cut?
A bevel cut is made by cutting across the grain of the workpiece with the blade angled to the fence and mitre table. The mitre table is set at the zero degree position and the blade set at an angle between 0°and 45°.

What is a compound Mitre cut?

A compound mitre cut involves using a mitre angle and a bevel angle at the same time. It is used in making picture frames, to cut mouldings, making boxes with sloping sides and for roof framing. Always make a test cut on a piece of scrap wood before cutting into the good material

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