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3HP 5 Tonne Hydraulic

Product code: HL520o

  • Powerful 3HP Motor
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Variable Ram Adjustment

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  • Powerful 3HP Motor Takes the effort out of splitting logs.
  • Durable Steel Construction increase life and strength of the log splitter.
  • Hydraulic cylinder with auto return offering 52cm length and 5-25cm
  • Ø splitting capacity
  • Variable Ram Adjustment delivers 5 tonne of splitting force.
  • Adjustable stop to adjust the ram return distance.
  • Wheels and Carry Handle Coupled with its compact size make this
  • unit portable and easy to move.
  • Two-Hand operation keeps your hands away from the log splitter
  • during operation


Technical Specifications:


  • Voltage: 230-240V~50Hz
  • Input Power: 2200W S3 25%
  • No load speed: 2800min-1
  • Splitting Power: 5 tonne
  • Log splitting Ø capacity : 5-25 cm
  • Log splitting length capacity : 52 cm
  • Hydraulic fluid capacity : 3.5L
  • Working Hydraulic Pressure: 160 bar
  • Weight: 44kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196020370 / 100770213


- Instruction Manual HL520o


Whats in the box:


1 x Log Splitter

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Is there any assembly involved?
There is no assembly required prior to use. Your Log Splitter is supplied fully assembled and ready for use.
What should I do before starting the log splitter?
Before operating your log splitter, the bleed screw should be loosened by two (Anti Clockwise) rotations until air can go in and out of the oil tank smoothly.
WARNING: Failure to loosen the bleed screw will keep the sealed air in hydraulic system being compressed after being decompressed. Such continuous compression/ decompression will blow out the seals of the hydraulic system and cause permanent damage to your log splitter
When you have finished using the log splitter, and before moving your log splitter, make sure the bleed screw is tightened to avoid oil leaking from this point.
What is the variable ram adjustment?
The log pusher can be pre-set to a position which enables easier and quicker splitting of shorter sized logs by setting the variable ram adjustment saving time and effort.  Refer to the instruction manual for details on how to set the variable ram adjustment.
What do I do if I have a jammed Log?
Do not try to knock the jammed log off. Knocking about will damage the machine or may launch the log and cause an accident.  You need to Release both controls, then after  the log pusher moves back and completely stops at its starting position, insert a wedge wood under the jammed log.  Start the log splitter to push the wedge wood under the jammed one. Repeat above procedure with sharper slope wedge woods until the log is completely freed.
What type of wood / logs could cause jam the log splitter?
Make sure you do not use wood that exceeds the cutting capacity of the Log Splitter in length or diameter or wood that has not been cut straight/flush at the ends of the log ie The face of the log must be parallel to the log pusher. Also do not use logs that appear to have a knot in the wood.
How should I transport and store the log splitter?
The machine may be transported while held in a diagonal position. Use the hand grip and pull gently while the machine stands on its wheels. The log splitter can be stored or transported under ambient temperatures between -20° C and +60° C at a max. humidity of 80 %.
What maintenance is recommended?
• The splitting wedge is a wearing part that needs to be sharpened or replaced after wear.
• The combined gripping and controlling device must remain smooth running. Lubricate with a few drops of oil when necessary.
• Keep splitting wedge drive clean of dirt, wood shavings, bark, etc.
• Lubricate slide rails with grease.

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