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2400W Garden Shredder with Bucket

Product code: M909

  • Large 45mm cutting capacity
  • Large 45L collection bucket which slides underneath the unit
  • Overload cut-out protection avoids damage to the motor
  • Reduces prunings and other garden waste into mulch

  • Powerful 2400W motor for fast, efficient and thorough mulching
  • Large 45mm cutting capacity with a cut action to mulch larger branches
  • Large 45L collection bucket which slides underneath the unit to collect all the mulched material
  • Overload cut- out protection avoids damage to the motor
  • Reduces prunings and other garden waste into mulch, keeping the garden tidy whilst producing useful mulching material
  • Wheeled chassis for easy transport around the garden
  • Light weight for improved manoeuverability and ease of use

Technical Specifications


  • Voltage: 230–240V ~ 50Hz
  • Input Power : S1: 2000W, S6: 2400W
  • Speed: 2850 RPM
  • Maximum Shredding Diameter : 45mm
  • Blade Length: 70mm
  • Insulation : Earthed Appliance
  • Weight: 24.5 kg
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196016069/900033470


- Instruction Manual M909


Whats in the box


  • Allen Key
  • Push Stick
  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • Collection Bucket


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What is this shredder used for?

This shredder reduces prunings and other garden waste into mulch, keeping the garden tidy whilst producing useful mulching material.

Is the shredder ready to use?

No,  assembly of the product is required.  This process should take approx 15 minutes.

What can I use the shredder to mulch?

The following types of material can be shredded in the shredder:

• Twigs and branches.

• Waste from cutting bushes.

• Waste from hedge-trimming.

Examples of materials which are not suitable for shredding include:

• Glass, metal, plastic bags, stones, fabric, earth covered roots.

• Waste that does not have a firm consistency, e.g. kitchen waste

• Soft leafy material. To prevent damage to the machine, you are recommended not to exceed the following twigs and branches 45mm in diameter.

What does the overload protection do?

This shredder is equipped with a built-in motor protection which prevents the motor being overloaded.  In the event of overloading, the current is broken and the main switch is turned off automatically .  Disconnect shredder from power supply before attempting to unblock any jams.  Allow at least 5 minutes for the motor to cool down.  Push in the overload protection button to re-set, mains power can now be switched on.

Can I get a replacement blade for this shredder?

Yes, M909-BLADE Replacement Blade is available from 909.  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Some tips for using the shredder:

1. The material that is to be shredded is fed into the inlet chute and, assuming it is not too bulky, in most cases will be pulled down into the cutter and emptied either into the bucket provided or other suitable container.

2. Branches and twigs should be mulched shortly after being cut. They become extremely hard when they dry out, and the maximum diameter of what can be mulched is reduced.

3. Heavy material or twigs will jam the blades if you let the machine cut continually. A large proportion of garden waste contains a lot of water and therefore sticks easily. Such material should be allowed to dry for a few days before being processed.

4. Check all the material you want to shred carefully. Make sure it doesn’t contain any stones or nails as this might severely damage the shredder.

5. Be aware of vibrations. Heavy vibrations are caused by damaged or worn out blades. Store the shredder indoors in a dry place.

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the shredder for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your shredder:

1. Always clean the shredder after each use. Note: Never use a high-pressure washer or running

water when cleaning the shredder!

2. Brush away dirt and plant residue which may be caught in the cutter. Wipe clean the outside of the shredder with a cloth which has been moistened with a mild detergent and water.

3. On occasion the build up of chippings need to be cleaned (refer to instruction manual for directions)

4. Keep the air openings clean and free of obstructing material.

5. Check the customer-installed nuts and screws (tighten if necessary).

6. Spray the spiral cutter after each use with an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable spray

oil to protect against corrosion.


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