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800W Pole Chainsaw Pruner

Product code: PH1000

  • Easy on off trigger switch with Lock-off for safety
  • 8" Oregan bar and chain
  • Telescoping pole extends the pruner to 308cm

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  • Powerful 800W motor enables you to tackle jobs a manual pruner could not handle
  • Easy on off trigger switch with Lock- off for safety
  • 8" Oregan bar and chain for most pruning jobs
  • Telescoping pole extends the pruner to 308cm for maximum reach
  • Easy to use extension clamp enables you to adjust the length of the shaft from 180 to 280cm
  • Shoulder harness for efficient cutting/pruning around the home

Technical Specifications


  • Voltage: 230–240V ~ 50Hz
  • Power Rating: 800W
  • Chain Bar Length: 203mm (8")
  • Max Cut Width: 180mm (7")
  • Chain Speed: 9 m /s
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 150ml
  • Insulation class: Double insulated
  • Weight: 4.2 kgs
  • EAN/SKU: 9333196016038/900033467


- Instruction Manual PH1000


Whats in the box

  • Chain Bar Cover
  • Extension Handle
  • Shoulder Harness
  • Combination Spanner / Screwdriver


Customer Reviews 

Rating 1
James Gunther - Friday, 01 February 2013

I found this product to have one very weak spot. That being the nylon cog driven by a steel motor drive cog. The steel cog easily grinds the nylon any
time you cut more than the saw can handle and rather than just having a jam that the motor cannot run the cog tears teeth off the nylon gear.

CSS25 - We recommend you use this Chainsaw Sharpener for sharpening your Chainsaw Pruner chain.



What is this electric chainsaw pruner used for?

This chainsaw pruner is used for pruning tasks that a manual pruner cannot handle. Such as  cutting branches that are in hard to reach positions.

Is the chainsaw pruner ready to use?

No, you will need to assemble the chain and the chain bar,  connect the drive head to the motor, and add chain oil to the chain oil tank.  This process should take approx 15 minutes.

What is the maximum branch width I can cut with this pruning chainsaw?

The maximum branch width that can be cut  with this trimmer is 180mm.

Some notes for oiling the chainsaw pruner:

1. The chain should always be well-oiled, if necessary soak the chain in biodegradable chainsaw oil before starting work. While using the pruner make sure that the chain is always well-soaked in oil. If this is not the case manually oil the chain.

2. Fill the tank to 80% capacity with chain oil, and make sure that the oil level does not drop under the minimum mark. Some light smoking is inevitable and no reason for concern. Lift off the black plastic cover after every use and clean the area under it. Also clean the pinhole in the oil container lid after each use.

3. Keep the groove in the guide bar clean at all times.  If the unit fails to oil the chain properly it may well be that the groove is full of saw dust and bark shavings. Remove the chain and clean out the groove with a suitable tool or blow it out with compressed air. To keep the unit at top performance the chain must be sharp.

How do I adjust the pole length?

Lift the knob on the coupler, then pull the lower shaft till it in a comfortable position.  Tighten the knob securely.

Can I adjust the chain tension?

Yes, the chain should not be too loose, but you should be able to lift it off the guide bar a few millimetres. Use the chain tensioner to tension the chain. Turning it clockwise tightens the chain, turning it counter-clockwise slackens the chain; refer to the instruction manual for directions.

Can I change the saw chain?

Yes,  refer to the instruction manual for directions.  Note: the saw chain is full of sharp edges. When handling it you should always wear gloves.

When should I sharpen the chain?

The chain requires sharpening when the chain saw does not cut appropriately.  Signs of a dull chain are:

• The sawdust becomes powder-like

• Extra force is required to execute a cut

• The cut does not track in a straight line

• Increased vibration

• Increased fuel consumption

You can purchase the 909 CSS25 85W Chainsaw Chain Sharpener to perform this task

Some tips for using the chainsaw pruner:

1. Do not work with an angle higher than 60°. The pole saw will work under higher degrees, but there is the danger of being injured by branches falling without warning.

2. Keep an eye at the ground while working to avoid tripping over fallen branches.

3. Never use the pole saw without oil, use biodegradable chainsaw oil.

4. The pruner is equipped with a low-kickback chain and it was also done everything from an engineering point of view to keep kickback low. Nevertheless, some kickback can not be avoided when cutting with the upper tip of the blade. Be prepared for some kickback when using this area of the blade or hitting another branch with this area. Always hold the unit firmly in both hands.

5. Thin branches can be cut off with one single cut. To prevent the branch from slivering and buckling the branch should be cut off in several pieces.

6. When cutting off lager branches, you should first cut into the branch form below. First cut into the branch from below outside the place where you intend to cut off the branch. The cut should go from one third to halfway through the branch. This prevents the branch from buckling when you cut into the branch from the top outside the first cut. Last cut off the stump with one clean cut. You might want to seal the cut with a suitable compound.

What maintenance/cleaning is required for the chainsaw pruner for increased user life?

Follow these simple tips to maintain your chainsaw pruner:

1. Always keep the air holes clean on the electric chain saw body. They tend to become clogged with sawdust during use and this affects the efficiency of cooling, causing overheating of the motor the other fundamental parts of the electric chain saw.

2. Do not operate the chainsaw with the air intake on the ground as this will draw foreign particles into the motor area and damage the windings of the motor.

3. Regularly check to see if any dust or foreign matter has entered the grills near the motor and around the on/off switch. Use a soft brush to remove any accumulated dust. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes whilst cleaning.

4. If the body of the tool needs cleaning, wipe it with a soft damp cloth. A mild detergent can be used but nothing like alcohol, petrol or other cleaning agent.  Never use caustic agents to clean plastic parts.

5. Turn the bar periodically to use both the sides so that it wears evenly.

6.  It is essential that motor cooling vents are kept free from a build-up of sawdust and this decreases the engines tools cooling capacity and causes overheating damage to the motor as well as other important equipment, oil pump etc. It is recommended that this is carried out after every use.

7. Clean the guide and oil holes periodically.

8. Deburr the race sides periodically with a flat file. Time may cause any “Burrs” to detach and damage the bar.

9. The bar needs to be evened with a flat file if one of the races is higher than another and then smoothed with a file and fine sandpaper. If races are considerably worn, check that the height is always greater than the chains transmission links so that the latter do not touch the bottom. Replace the bar if this should occur.

10. The chainsaw should be periodically serviced to check the correct operation of the chain, chain drive, motor and brake.

Note:  Water must never come into contact with the tool.


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