Magazine: The part of the nailer, stapler, or screw gun which holds the fasteners and helps direct them into firing position.

Is the lightest of the structural metals, 75% lighter than steel, 50% lighter than titanium and 32% lighter than aluminium. It is the lightest engineering metal (excluding exotic materials such as beryllium and lithium).

Mains outlet:
A point on a wiring system at which current is taken to supply electrical devices.  A receptacle is placed in an outlet.  A light is made to an outlet.

Maximum Speed:
The highest speed the product should reach and should not be exceeded. Often used to indicate a safe working speed, ie in the case of a grinding wheel.

To convert amps to Milliamps multiply by 1,000 (0.55 Amps = 55 Milliamps)

Mitre Saw:
A table mounted benchtop saw that allows for cross-cutting precise compound angles on workpieces (soft or hardwoods).

Mitre Table locks:
Mitre table locks are used to lock the table at the desired mitre angle.  These are generally found at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45°.

A groove cut in one piece of stock to accommodate a tenon.  Mortise & Tenon joinery is a very common method of connecting two pieces of wood.

Mortise & Tenon joint:
Method of joinery where a pin (tenon) cut from the edge of a piece of stock is glued into a slot (mortise)


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