Laser: Lasers produce a single beam of light. Lasers used in 909 powertools only produce a maximum output of 1mV operating in Class 2. In other words they are low powered and generally only suitable in lower light conditions such as undercover or indoors. Lasers do not normally present an optical hazard, although staring at the beam may cause flash blindness.

Light Emitting Diode. Generally found in Torches, Lanterns and other lighting products.

A level is used to determine whether an object is level (perfectly horizontal) or plumb (perfectly vertical).  There are many types of levels, but only full length and torpedo levels are predominantly used in woodworking.

Linear Foot:
The same as one foot of distance, equal to 12 inches.  The term “linear foot” is sometimes used to avoid any confusion with the term “square foot”.

A type of rechargeable Battery technology.  Lithium-Ion batteries feature high voltage, high energy density and low self-discharge. They are lightweight and compact and have high energy efficiency. Lithium-Ion batteries achieve rapid charging and a long life cycle through the combination of the Lithium-Ion battery technology and battery recharging components.

Lock-on button:
The lock on button on various powertools enables you to lock into the on position so that you are not required to keep your finger constantly on the on switch to reduce user fatigue.


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