Jigsaw: Handheld powertool useful for making curved cuts on thin materials such as plywood and particle board.

A joule is a measurement of electrical energy. 1 joule is equal to 1 watt of power for 1 second of time (watts x time = joules)

Jump starters:
Jump Starters (Portable) are a device that contain their own power source sufficient to assist in the starting of vehicles with a flat battery. The products can also be fitted with other additional features like air compressors, lights etc.
909 jumpstarters are fitted with jump staring facilities, plus a light and 12V Dc accessory output.
Within the 909 range, other features include a 240V inverter, USB Power outlets.
909 have also introduced a light weight Lithium model which is compact and light weight

Junction box:
A metal or plastic box used to enclose splice connections.


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