Ear Muffs:
A form of hearing protection where a large headphone like device covers the ears to keep out loud noises.

Ear Protection:
Devices such as ear plugs or Ear Muffs that reduce the intensity of the noise entering your ear.  Ear protection will carry a NIOSH Noise reduction rating, or “NRR”, which indicates how much the noise level you can experience is reduced (in decibels).

Electric Power:
Is the rate of doing electrical work.  This unit is the watt or kilowatt.  A kilowatt is 1,000 watts. 

Extension Cord:
An electric cord used between AC powered tools (or any appliance etc) and outlets to extend the range of the tool.  The more amperage your tool uses, and the longer the distance, the larger the size of the wire needed in your extension cord (larger wire = smaller gauge)


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