Dado: A groove cut into a piece of wood to hold another piece of wood.  Commonly used in cabinetry to hold a shelf on the shelf standard.

Direct Current.  Is one that flows always in the same direction.  It is the type of electrical power normally supplied by batteries or generators.

Direct Current Motor:
When power is applied, the polarities of the energized winding and the stator magnet(s) are misaligned, and the rotor will rotate until it is almost aligned with the stator's field magnets. As the rotor reaches alignment, the brushes move to the next commutator contacts, and energizes the next winding. Thus giving us rotation.

Displaced is the measure of cubic feet per minute produced by an air compressor working in a perfect environment at 100% efficiency.

A point on staples that makes the legs spread outwards as the staple is driven into a material.

Double Bevel:
(in relation to Mitre Saws) The saw is able to tilt/bevel to both the left and right hand side to various angles.  This enables the user to adjust the bevel angle of the saw rather than moving the workpiece around to suit the saw.

A form of electrical protection featuring two separate insulation systems to help protect against electrical shock from internal malfunctions.  DI tools have no provisions for grounding (no third grounding prong) and are equipped with a polarized two prong.

A handheld powertool used for drilling holes or attaching screws.  Uses bits to create holes of different sizes.


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