Abrasive Wheel: A rotating accessory to grind, cut or remove stock from various materials such as metal or concrete.

AC: Alternating Current.
They type of power which normally is supplied from a wall outlet

AC Motor:
An electric motor that operates on “alternating current”- the kind of power found in a household outlet.

Aluminium Construction:
offers increased strength and durability

A measure of the flow of electric current.  If you think in terms of water through a hose, amperage would be a measure of water volume flowing through the hose.  As it applies to electric powertools “Rated Amperage” is how many amps the tool uses.

Anti-Kickback Device:
A device incorporated into some powertools intended to minimise the effects of kickback (see kickback).

Automatic Voltage Regulator.  An electronic module used to regulate the input voltage to the rotor on a generator to maintain a constant voltage output


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