2 Gear: A product that offers two separate speed ranges.  For example in a drill the High range provides for a higher rpm range suitable for drilling, whilst the low range is ideal for high torque applications such as screwdriving into dense material.

2 Stroke Oil: Type of oil which needs to be added to the petrol for use on a 2 stroke petrol motor.

2 Stroke Fuel Mix:
Expressed as a ration ie 50:1 (50 to 1) means 50 parts of petrol, 1 part 2 stroke oil. Eg 1 litre of petrol (1000 ml) to 20mls of 2 stroke oil.  Other common mixtures, but not restricted to,  40:1,   30:1  25:1

4 Stroke oil: Type of oil which needs to be added to the sump of a 4 stroke petrol motor.


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