TCT: Tungsten Carbide Tipped.  A material of which blades can be made of.

Three Phase:
Three separate outputs from a single source with a phase differential of 120 electrical degrees between any 2 adjacent voltages or currents.

Three Phase Motors:
These motors are used for both small and heavy duty applications.  They have three windings and a rotor that run on alternating current.  When the A.C is applied it magnetises to the windings thus causing the rotor to turn.

Throttle lever:
this is the lever on the handle bar, that dictates the speed of the blade rotation.

Tool Free Guard:
(as found on angle grinders) The guard does not require any tools to adjust to be able to replace the disc.

The measure of the turning or twisting power, measures in Nm.

The transferring of electrical energy from one coil to another by means of an alternating magnetic field.  Typically these convert a higher voltage to a lower one (eg 240V to 12V)


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