Safety neon light: The Safety Neon light on a powertool tells you when mains power is available to the tool and is primarily a safety feature for the user.

SDS, SDS Plus®, or SDS MAX are a system which enables easy and safe bit replacement for SDS drill bits. Note. The SDS Plus bit needs to be inserted in a specific way to ensure it locks into the chuck.

Self priming:
The engine does not have a priming bulb, itself primes the engine adds petrol to the engine as the recoil starter is pulled.

Series Circuit:
A series circuit is one which all components are connected in tandem.  The current at every point of a series circuit stays the same.  In series circuits the current remains the same but the voltage drops may vary.

Single Phase:
A single output which may be centre tapped for dual voltage levels.

Soft Start:
Soft start is a function of a motor (generally found in Angle Grinders) that provide for increased safety and control by slowly starting the motor and gently building to full speed.

Spark plug:
is an electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of some internal combustion engines and ignites compressed fuels.

Spindle Lock:
A feature now seen on many cordless drills where the spindle is automatically locked when the keyless chuck is being tightened but rotates freely when driven by the gear box.

Stroked Per Minute:  A measure of the speed of sawing action for a jigsaw or reciprocating Saw.

A short duration high voltage condition.  May last for several cycles.

A man made material.  Oils of this type typically have less wear than conventional oil.


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